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Flourish Festivals

Introducing Asheville's first & only market designed specifically with women in mind.

Offering businesses, products & services that women want and need! From locally owned clothing/jewelry boutiques to women's health and wellness focused services.

This is a boutique Event designed to promote & support local female empowered businesses & artists! Wildflower Studios was created to focus on growing healthier and happier women so those women have the strength, grace & skill to go out and raise the future & create a better world.

I am passionate about supporting and encouraging local WOMEN! I want to do everything I can to help all participants grow their business, but more importantly, be able to live the life they desire!

The Flourish Festival is meant to be so much more than just your ordinary stop & shop. From concept to creation, the goal of this was to become an experience that keeps attendees excited to come back month after month. The ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere that fosters & builds a deep sense of community, support & encouragement specifically aimed towards western NC women. The overall vision is to create a safe & welcoming environment for all who attend to relax, restore and recharge. While at the same time creating connections, empowerment and networking opportunities designed to better the lives and businesses of all participants, vendors and attendees alike!

Image by Nature Uninterrupted Photography

Get Involved

Meet the Sponsors

Without our gracious sponsors.... We couldn't host these events! They are crucial in making a difference & in rebuilding our village. Please take a moment to check them out.

Our Recent Vendors

We just launched our newest event.... and we welcomed some incredible vendors! From small business owners, tasty treats & talented artisans. Check out our most recent vendors and get the links to find out more about them and where you can find their products/services!

Image by corina ardeleanu

Follow along to find out more about our market

Follow our market Facebook group to learn more about our upcoming market dates, participating vendors, activities to look forward to, announcements, giveaways & MORE!

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